Robin King

As president and CEO of my company, I've worked with Lisa as my personal StrengthsFinder Coach the past few years. I've found her insight valuable and validating. Lisa conducted a StrenghsFinder Staff Professional Development Session for my leadership team. She was thorough in learning from me prior to the session, any issues to be addressed and she dealt with those in a meaningful manner. I watched her interact with my group of highly diverse leaders with humor in a professional way – not hammering her points, rather guiding them to point they were avoiding. The session was fast-moving, fun, interactive and well received; I got only positive feedback from my team and was pleased with the overall experience. Thank you.

Indie Frazee

Lisa provided coaching to our team that was interactive and fun. Team members are talking about their Strengths now and looking for ways to connect with each other to enhance their Strengths together. My team really learned a lot about each other thanks to Lisa's approach. I recommend you use her to help your team.

I. Tate

Lisa took time to work with me on my Strengths and the Strengths of the team I just started managing. Lisa had already done the Strengths with the team and her insight about their natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving was incredible. This conversation and her coaching has helped me to use different approaches with team members and is helping us to become a more productive and efficient team.


I had Lisa coach me on my Strengths so that I could understand them in more depth, and so I could use that understanding to forge a path toward the career I wanted to pursue, which included applying to graduate school. She helped me see how each Strength worked right into the field I wanted to enter, and I used that knowledge to highlight things about my cognitive and work processes in my applications. I've been accepted into several graduate programs, and knowing my Strengths certainly helped me achieve that result. Thanks to Lisa, I am prepared to use my Strengths as I go into this new, exciting phase of my life.

Paul Fletcher

Lisa has done several items of work for us over the past few months. She was very engaging with leading our board members through a board retreat that has helped us establish new goals for our organization. 

Additionally, she has spent time with our board staff helping them understand their Strengths and how they can engage them to be productive and happy in their new functions. We are looking forward to having Lisa return and share more about Strengths with our newest staff and help integrate the entire team toward a Strengths-based culture. Lisa is someone I highly recommend for facilitation and coaching.

Judy Blanchard

I met Lisa Rice in 1996 and watched her always play to her Strengths. Later, I had the opportunity to work with Lisa and she coached me on a variety of work issues including: how to motivate staff, how to get people aligned with our mission and how to help others grow their Strengths. Lisa did all of this through a Strengths approach which made everything positive and yet results driven.  I highly recommend you have Lisa help you and your team if you want to improve employee engagement and productivity.