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Why do we need a coach?


From building teams that understand and rely on each others strengths and developing a manager's skills to use the innate ability of their staff, to instilling a culture of positive strengths alignment – our clients implement Every Strength Counts’ approach for  dealing with employee engagement and the low productivity issues that you may also face.

The Every Strength Counts Approach

Current leadership development, business consultation and team building methods are often limited to discovering and articulating “pain or gain” and are focused on the “what to do," logic of the business case and ROI.

In our experience the majority of managers and teams struggle to execute leadership development techniques effectively, they feel forced and unnatural. Our clients tell us that our positive Strengths-based approach not only uncovers the emotional and logical elements of employee engagement, it also:

♦  Forms authentic, long term, mutually rewarding relationships that transcend the manager transactional function and  brings about transformational leadership at all levels of the company,  

♦  Guides each employee to make better and more informed decisions about their work productivity,

♦  Helps managers discover staff needs while also meeting those often unexpressed needs – through engaging, focused conversations and activities, and 

♦  Significantly improves retention, employee engagement and customer loyalty because of the new conversations and communication fluency – especially important for maximizing customer satisfaction. 

How long does the manager/team coaching process take?


This will naturally depend on the business challenges you want to address. Usually, clients have a three to four month engagement that includes a half-day foundational workshop about Clifton Strengths followed by three to four individual one-hour coaching sessions for managers over the engagement period.

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How can StrategicDoing™ help us reach our goals?


The StrategicDoing™ process allows brain-storming in a new and exciting way which helps in identifying your networks and the assets you have for linking to accomplishing your business goals.  

You will also learn ways to identify and prioritize those actions, processes, services and products that you should be focusing on. This process of setting priorities is based on ease of implementation and the impact the actions will have upon the final goal.

StrategicDoing™  is a process that will result in a strategic plan you and your stakeholders will use for updating every 90 days. This method has helped businesses and communities move big goals and projects forward to implementation.

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