About Lisa & ESC



Every Strength Counts CEO, Lisa Rice, has over 20 years of experience coaching individuals and leading teams on how to use their innate strengths to improve productivity, and she can coach your company to the same level of results. A certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Lisa delights in building more people’s awareness on how using strengths-based management strategies and techniques can lead to achieving better, faster, and more satisfying outcomes for themselves and their employers.

With two Master's degrees - one in Business and one in Public Administration - Lisa illustrates by example a strong belief in life-long learning. The former CEO of a nationally recognized workforce development organization, she shares her knowledge and experiences with new clients to help them achieve the same level of success for their organizations. Lisa has also worked extensively with for-profit businesses and takes special satisfaction in helping guide them toward a better understanding of how to effectively plug into their employees work and skill strength areas in order to increase the bottom line. She shows them that once they identify, understand and grow the strengths of their greatest resource – their employees – the results can be reduced turnover, people properly placed in the most effective job classifications and growing strong, long-term, effective and highly productive teams.



Building your team, resolving workplace challenges and motivating your employee’s productivity to soar, is what I will bring to your organization.  

As a business leader you know that your company’s greatest asset is your team, yet many CEOs and managers tell me that they feel as though they have the wrong person in the wrong seat on the bus, productivity is declining and morale is low – is this happening in your organization? Gallup research shows that only 30% of your employees are actively engaged. Why does it matter if employees are actively engaged - because actively engaged employees far exceed the performance of others.

Through interactive coaching using Strengths-Based Management, Every Strength Counts is helping businesses just like yours redirect their managers and employees into new, more appropriate responsibilities far better suited to their abilities and skills which will engage them in their daily work. These businesses have learned that the Strength’s-Based approach is essential for empowering their staff to set and achieve their goals so they can accomplish great things for your organization. In fact, employees for businesses that implement Strengths-based management techniques are 6X more likely to be engaged at work and up to 8% more productive. *

What about your Board of Directors? Are they working together on the mission of your organization? Would you welcome a collaborative approach to developing your board, setting strategic action goals and following up to ensure things stay on track and move your organization forward? Every Strength Counts can help get you there. Using the SD approach, Lisa can lead your board through a process that will leverage and link Board Member networks and  assets. This results in   successful and focused outcomes for your organization. 


Would you like to build a culture of Strengths-Based Management in your company? Do you want to reduce turnover, engage employees in their Strengths building journey and put your company on this year’s ‘Best Place To Work’ list? If you answered yes, tell me about your company- what is working for you and what is not. Right now, inventory for skilled workers is low, demand is high and getting and retaining the best staff is key to an organization’s on-going success. Every Strength Counts is here to help.

Every Strength Counts can assist both non-profit and private companies build employee engagement and reduce turnover. We also individually coach leaders on a variety of challenges including: 

· Managing teams 

· Increasing productivity 

· Building a culture of continuous improvement 

· StrategicDoing™  www.strategicdoing.net

· Personnel issues

- Lisa’s - TOP 5 Strengths: 

*Maximizer *Achiever *Communication *Futuristic *Arranger

Why Every Strength Counts?


Business coaches are key to helping  organizations achieve the excellence they seek. Every Strength Counts can help your business with the accountability and guidance necessary to reach that end goal. By creating a high functioning team, guiding your Board of Directors toward developing new strategies for  exceeding business goals, and keeping your business saw sharp, Every Strength Counts can help you  achieve the results you want.